Title Author Description Quantitiy Age
A Faith for All Seasons Murry, William R. Spiritual Direction 1  
A Faith People Make Kendrick, Stephen UU History 2 Adult
A Garage Sale of the Mind Harris, W. Edward Simple Living 1  
A Kingdom of Equals Binkley & McKeel Life/Teaching of Jesus 1 Grade 4-7
A Passover Haggadah Wiesel, Elie   1  
A Stepping Stone Year Gooding, Margaret K Forming Rel Identity 1 Age 8-9
A Stream of Living Souls Tracy, Denise D. UU History 1  
A Theology of Religious Education Parker, Rebecca LREDA Video 1  
Adventures of God's Folk     1 Age 5-7
Articulating (Y)our Faith Wells, Barbara & ten Hove, Jaco B Theology 1 Y YA
Becoming & Belonging Myers, William R.   1 Youth
Beyond Pink & Blue Robinson-Harris & Williams Gender  1 Youth
Bible Songs on Timeless Themes Navias & Phillips Music 1 Intergen
Bridging Ceremony Resource Packet UUA bridging 1 Youth
Buddhism:The Middle Way of Compassion   Religion Video 1  
Building United Judgment Center for Conflict Resolution Consensus building 1 Adult
Building Your Own Theology II Gilbert, Richard Theology 1 Adult
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven Ranck, Shirley Ann Feminist Thealogy 2 Adult
California Water Justice UULM Social Action 1 Intergen
Carry the Flame McDermott, ori Berger UU Identity/History 1 Grade 5-6
Celebrating Diversity MacFarlane Carol Diversity 1 Age K-6
Chaice Children Tweedie Erslev, Kate Children's spiritual develop 1 Preschool
Choral Responses UUMN Music 1  
Cooperative Games & More   games 1 Youth
Curriculum Mapping Anastos, Elizabeth Curricula Plan/Develop 3 Intergen
Developing Faith in Young Adults Gribbon, Robert T. Young Adult Ministry 1 YA
Dramatic Readings on Feminist Issues Bowman, Meg Feminist Thealogy 1  
Essex Conversations Essex Cordinating Committee Lifespan RE 2 Adult
Ethics: An Exploration in Personal Morality Gilbert, Richard Theology/ethics 1 Adult
Evenson Hamilton-Holway, Barbara Small group ministry 1 Adult
Faith in the Free Church-Series I Smith & Wolf UU Identity/History 1 Adult
Faith in the Free Church-Series II Smith & Wolf UU Identity/History 1 Adult
Faithful Choices Arnason, Wayne B. Ethics/Values 1 Adult
Family Life Education UUA Family Network Family  1 Adult
Fashion Me a People: Curriculum in the Church Harris, Maria RE 1 Adult
Festivals Together Fitzjohn, Weston, Large Diversity  1 Intergen
Follow the Rainbow Path: UUPrinciples & 6 Sources Bellah, Eason, Kahn, LoBracco, Macey, McClane UU Identity/Principles 1 Grade 3-4
Forward Through the Ages McLean Greeley, Dana UU History 1  
Four Faiths Campbell, Fred UU Theology 1 Adult
Fun with Dr. Suess: Summer RE Kahn, Pat   1 Grade 3-4
Generations of Faith UU Family Network UU Identity/History 1 Intergen
Healing Into Action Brown, Mazza Diversity 1 Adult
Heaven and Hell Buehrens, John A. Theology 2 Adult
Hilidays & Holy Days:A Year of Celebrations Brotman, Marshman Interfaith 1 Grade 3-4
Holy Curiosity: Exploring Religious Questions Marshall, Bruce T. Spirituality 1 Adult
Honoring Our Mother Earth: Native Am Spirt. Kimball, Tirrell H. Spirituality 1 Age 4-6
How can I Know What to Believe about God Brotman Marshfield Theology 1 Age 7-11
How Can we Keep from Singing   Music 1  
Hymns of the Spirit   Music 1  
In Our Hands: A Peace & Social Justice Pro Branch, Goldenberg, Thomas Social Action 1 Adult
In Our Hands: A Peace & Social Justice Pro Andrews, Hoertdoerfer Social Action 1 Age 4-6
In Our Hands: A Peace & Social Justice Pro Goldenberg, Hunting, & Thomson Social Action 1 Grade 1-2
Kids' Book of Awesome Stuff Brotman, Chrlene Identity 1 Age 5-7
Leaping From Our Spheres:The Impact of Women on UU Ministry Woods, Gretchen (ed) UU History 1  
Life Issues for Teenagers UUA life Issues 1 Youth
Living the Interdependent Web Owen-Towle, Tom UU Identity/Principles 1 Adult
Living the Promise Gibbs Binkley & mcKeel Values/Hebrew Scripture 1 Grade 4-7
Love & Help Bauer, Jill UU Identity/History 1 Age 7-11
Love Meets the Dragons Owen-Towle, Tom Ministry 1  
Marketplace 29AD Goetz & Bomberger Christian Histroy 1 Grade 4-7
Men's Path to Fulfillment Bushman, F. Anthony Grop exercises 1 Adult
Ministry in an Oral Culture:Living with Will Rogers, Uncle Remus, & Minnie Pearl Sample, Tex Preaching 1  
More Children's Sermons Dann, Bucky Worship 1  
My Ending is my Beginning Rankin, David O. Death 1  
Neighboring Faiths: Exploring Religions Reed, Christine & Hoertdoerfer, Patricia Interfaith 1 Middle Sch
Nurturing Children and Youth Hurd, Tracey L. Developmental 1 Adult
On The Path Spirituality for Youth & Adults Arnason, Harvey, Levine, Marshak, Morriss, Robinson, Schoeny Spirituality 1 Y YA
Open Minds to Equaliy Schniedewind & Davidson Diversity 1 Adult
Our Unitarian Universalist Story Meyer, Carol D. UU Identity/History 2 Adult
Owning Your Religious Past: Haunting Church Stauffacher, Bonnie H. UU Identity/History 3 Adult
Parents as Social Justice Educators Nelson, Roberta & Christopher Family/Parenting 1 Adult
Parents as Spiritual Guides Nelson, Roberta & Christopher Parenting 1 Adult
Perspectives Sermons by Ken Sawyer Sawyer, Ken Worship 1  
Philosophy-Making Anastos, Elizabeh & Marshak, David Theology/Philosphy 1 Adult
Plays for Special Days Read, Elfreida Worship 1 Age 8-12
Preacher's Poems Young, Mike Worship/Peotry 1 Adult
Race to Justice Gray & Ballester  Diversity 2 Middle Sch
RE Lending Library        
Readings for Women's Programs Bowman, Meg Feminist Thealogy 1  
Seasons of Hope Circles of Love Fisher & McKeep Worship 1 Intergen
Services and Songs for the Celebration of Life Patton, Kenneth L. Worship 1  
Sharing the Ministry Trumbauer Jean Morris Volunteer development 1 Adult
Social Justice Empowerment Program UUA Social Action 1 Adult
Special Places Sacred Spaces UUCB   1 Kindergarten
Special Times Middleton, Betty Jo Jewish Christian Heritage 1 Grade 1-2
Spirit of the Christmas Tree Poley & Henning Worship  1 Intergen
Stories about God Moore, Mary Ann Theology 1 Age 5-7
Sweetgrass & Cottonwood Smoke:Lessons on Bein Where You Are Scriver, Mary      
The Church of our Fathers Bainton, Roland History 1  
The Couple Enrichment Program Ward, Fred  & Betty Couples-relationship 4 Adult
The Gift of Faith:Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children Nieuwejaar, Jeanne    1  
The Gnostics Lacarriere, Jacques Interfaith 1  
The Journey Out:Guide for & About LGB Teens Pollack, Rachel & Schwartz, Cheryl Identity 1 Youth
The New U:Orientation for New Members UUA UU Identity/History 1 Intergen
The Parent Trilogy UUA Family/Parenting 2 Adult
The Sound of Silence Baughn, Raymond John Meditations 1 Adult 
The Welcoming Congregation Alexander, Rev. Scott W. GLB Resources 1 Adult
The Wonder of Life Patton, Kenneth L. Worship 1 Intergen
Timeless Themes Stories Bible Gowdy, Moore, Skwire Bible 1 Grade 3-4
Travel in Time Ecklund, Louis E. UU Identity/History 1 Grade 5-6
Understanding the Bible Buehrens, John A. Bible 1 Adult
Unifiers Owen-Towle, Tom Meditations 1 Adult
Unitarian Universalism Is a Really Long Name Dant, Jennifer Identity 1 Age 4-6
Up, Up, and Away Gooding, Margaret K UU Identity/History 1 Age 8-10
UU Selected Essays 2000 UUA   1  
UU Sermons o Transylvania Gellerd, Dr. Judit UU History 1  
UU Sexuality Education Blosser, Miller, Smallin Threatt UUSE - pre OWL 1  
War's Unconquered Children Speak Cobb, Alice      
We are Many We Are One McDonald, Colleen Children's spiritual develop 1 Preschool
We Believe: Learning & Living Our UU Principles  UUA UU Identity/Principles 1 Intergen
We Sing of Life   Music 1  
Weaving the Fabric of Diversity James, Frediani Diversity 1 Adult
Welcoming children with Special Needs Ptton, Sally   2  
What is Marriage For? (Book & study guide) Graff, E. J. Social History 1 Adult
Windmills, Worship & Wonder   Worship 1 Intergen
Wo/Man the Meaning Maker Latourette, Jane Read   1 Youth
Women and Teaching Harris, Maria Lifespan RE    
Writing as a Way of Healing:How Telling Our Storeis Transforms Our Lives DeSalvo, Louise Self-help 1  
You The Creator Kimball, Richard empowerment 1 Middle Sch (Intergen)