2007 Marketing Campaign Newspaper Inserts             Storage-90
Advocacy Manual for Sexuality, Education, Health and Justice: Resources for Communities of Faith Gibb, Sarah, Ed. Sexuality Education Safety Topics include the Case for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Religion and Sexuality, sex ed in congregations, sex ed in the community 1999 117 Storage
Almost Church Revitalized, The Durall, Michael Growth   More edgy commentary and good advice for UU congregatins 2009 86 Cilla - 1 Jeanelyse - 1
Almost Church, The Durall, Michael Growth   Edgy commentary and good ideas for the growth of Uuism 2004 84 Storage
Assessming Our Leadership: Promoting Effectivess in Congregational Leadership UUMA, Dept of Congregational, District, & Extension Services, UUA Dept of Minstry, LREDA Planning Assessment How to evaluate how well we are fulfilling our mission 2001   Storage
Assimilating New Members Schaller, Lyle E., Ed. Membership Growth New member integration 1978   Cilla - 1; Storage - 1
At Home in Creativity Southworth, Bruce Theology   the naturalist theology of Henry Neslon Wieman 1995 126 Storage
Beacon Press and the Pentagon Papers Trzop, Allison UU History     2007 49 Storage
Beginnings of Unitarianism in America Wright, Conrad UU History   A doctoral dissertaion for Harvard, winner of the Carnegie Award of the Historical Association, giving an account of the revolt against Calvinism in the 1700s, New England 1955 280 Storage
Being Liberal in an Illiberal Age Mendelsohn, Jack Unitarian Universalism History A review of the liberal spirit as reflected in our UU history 1964 168 Storage - 2
Belonging: the Meaning of Membership Commission on Appraisal Congregational Health Growth Responds to the questions: what is the meaning of membership, what is it that congregations owe to their membership, and members to their congreations, who are included as members? 2001 112 Storage - 3
Between the Lines: Source for Singing the Living Tradition   Music History Historical background data on all the hymns and readings in Singing the Living Tradition 1995 149 Storage
Beyond Fundraising: a Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship Clark, Wayne B. Stewardship Finance The indisepnsible guide to stewardship, fundraising, program budgets, planning giving, and much more 2007 170 Chuck
Beyond the Boundary: Meeting the Challenge of the First Years of Mnistry Harbaugh, Gary L., Behrens, William C., Hudson, Jill M., & Oswald, Roy M. Ministry   Describes the transition from seminary to parish, and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of supporting structures 1986 68 Storage
Boards That Make a Differenc: a New Design for Leadership in Nonprofit and Public Organizations Carver, John Governance   Presents the Policy Governance model 1997 224 Storage - 6
Breakthrough Congregations 2005   DVD         Storage - 1
Breakthrough Congregations 2006   DVD         Storage - 1
Breakthrough Congregations 2009   DVD         Storage - 2
Building a Worship Associate's Program Koyle, Rick Worship Faith Development A how-to guide, including selection, training, planning and creating worship services 1996 60 Storage
Calling of the Laity, The Dozier, Verna, Ed. Ministry   A collection of essays 1988 149 Storage
Care of Troublesome People, The Oates, Wayne E. Conflict   How to deal with the back-biting person, the power-ridden person, the competitive divider, the clinging  vine, and the Star Performer 1994 74 Storage
Center City Churches: the New Frontier Schaller, Lyle E., Ed. Congreagional Health Growth High performance churches in urban environments 1993 187 Storage
Chosen Faith, A: an Introduction to Unitarian Universalism Buehrens, John, and Church, Forrest Unitarian Universalism   The classic introductory text on the faith that offers an alternative to theological creeds 1989 221 Storage
Church Staff Handbook: how to build an effective ministry team Westing, Harold J. Staffing   Guide to developing strong and healthy staff teams 1985 215 Storage
Churchworks: a Well-Body Book for Congregations Heller, Anne Odin Congregational Health   Covers all the basics of well-run UU congregations 1999 240 Storage - 2 Jeanelyse - 1
Come As You Are: Reflections on the Revelations of Everyday Life Fleck, G. Peter Meditation Manuals   Very short essays on Hope, Love, Waiting, Accepting… 1993 117 Storage
Come Into the Circle: Worshiping with Children Richards, Michelle Worship Families Includes many examples and samples of stories, mini-sermons, songs, guided meditations, and lots more 2008 218 Storage
Congregational Membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association Dept of Congregational Services Growth   A how-to guide for congregational affiliation; may be out of date 1998 39 Storage
Congregational Self-Assessment Packet Fulfilling the Promise Committee Planning Assessment A self-assessment format to help congregations more intentionally formulate a clear sense of mission and priorities.  Includes an agenda for a planning retreat undated   Storage - 6, Cilla - 1,  Jeanelyse - 1
Continuing the Journey Brown, Rev. Susan Suchocki AR/AO/M   Report and Recommendations to the 2001 General Assembly 2001 18 Storage - 2
Cooperating Congregations Waldkoenig, Gilson, and Avery, William Structure Staffing Cooperative Congregations are those who have joined together to further their ministries by sharing resources (usually staffing) while maintaining their individual autonomy.  This book presents five examples, including interviews and analysis, hoping to be a guidebook for others considering similar arrangements. 1999 204 Storage
Coyote Says…More Conversations with God's Dog Kitchell, Webster UU Theology   A collection of short essays, witten by a UU minister, proving that God has a sense of humor 1996 91 Storage
Create Your Own Future: Alternatives for the Long-Range Planning Committee Schaller, Lyle E. Planning   Includes a chapter on "Carving Out Your Niche," and on measuring unit costs 1991 152 Storage
Critical Moment of Minsitry: a Change of Pastors Mead, Loren B. Ministry   A guide to ministerial transitions 1986 72 Storage
Decisions Without Hierarchy: Feminist Interventions in Organizational Theory and Practice Iannello, Kathleen P. Women's Issues Leadership A look at non-hierarchial institutions 1992 123 Storage
Devil and Dr. Church, the Church, F. Forrester Ethical Living UU Theology   1986 88 Cilla
Devotional Heart, The Morgan, John C. Unitarian Universalism - Renewal   Discusses our roots in pietism, the religion of the heart 1995 143 Storage
Discerning Your Congregation's Future: a Strategic and Spiritual Approach Oswald, Roy M. & Friedrich, Robert E., Jr. Planning   Includes ideas for congreagional exercises and writing mission statements 1989 171 Storage - 1 Cilla - 1
Drive Time Essays - 1: Lay Leader   CD         Storage - 3
Drive Time Essays - 2: The Best of Interconnections   CD         Storage - 4
Efective Church Accounting: Planning, Budgeting, Cash Control, Accounting Systems, computers, Bookkeeping, Financial Reports Vargo, Richard J. Finance   A comprehensive guide to church financial management 1989 209 Storage
Effective Church Leadership: Building on the Twelve Keys Callahan, Kennon L. Leadership   Written especially for ministers, with a focus on responding to the search for individuality, for community, for meaning, and for hope 1990 265 Storage
Everyday Miracles: Stories fro Life Church, F. Forrester Meditation Manuals     1988 162 Storage
Exploration of the Freidnship of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, An Holst, Mary-Ella UU History   Biography of UUA President 1979-85 1987 12 Storage
Extension Ministyr Training Manual       3-ring Binder (not for lending)     Storage
Faith Goes to Work: Reflections from the Marketplace Banks, Robert J. Faith Development   Making the connections between Sundays and our working lives 1993 183 Storage
Fe Que Hemos Escogido, La Buehrens, John A. Church, F. Unitarian Universalism   Our Chosen Faith, en espanol 1998 211 Storage - 3
Fiscal Therapy for the Liberal Church Scheyer, Fia B. Stewardship   Canvass Training 1997 113 Storage
Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun Canada, Geoffrey Biography   Growing up in the south Bronx 1995 179 Storage
Fundamentals with a Vision: a Canvass Guide for Congregations Landreth, Edward B. Stewardship   A how-to guide, includes sample gift tables, calendar, brochure, and Quartile Analysis & Projection 1997 122 Storage - 2 Cilla - 1
Giving Birth to Ourselves: a History of the Liberal Religious Educators Association 1949-1999 Goodwin, Joan W. History Religion Education   1999 95 Storage - 2
Green Sound, A Lach, William, Ed. Nature Writings   Includes writings from e.e. cummings, Emerson, Throeau, Margaret Fuller, Bill Schultz, May Sarton, and many others 1992 51 Storage
Growing 2 - Buildings UUA Growth Facilities A how-to guide, including renting, buying, building, expanding, architects, financing, capital campaigns, building loan programs, and floor plans 1982 36 Storage
Handbook for Congregational Studies Carroll, Jackson, W., Dudley, Carl S., & McKinney, William, Eds.     Written for seminarians and clergy, the book examines the sociological, anthropological, and demographic elements of congregations 1986   Storage - 2
Handbook of Leadership Development McCauley, Cynthia D., Moxley, Russ S., Van Velsor, Ellen, Eds Leadership   Models for evaluations, skill-based training, developmental relationships, cultural issues in leadership development 1998 440 Storage
Handbook on Sabbatical Leaves for Ministers & Congregations Cohen, Helen L. & Pohl, David C. Ministry   Produced by the UUA Department of Ministry and the Center Committee 1991 136 Storage
Hardwired to Connect Commission on Children at Risk DVD   Report from a panel of 33 children's doctors, neuroscientists, research scholars, showing that children are biologically primed for enduring conenctions to others and for moral and spiritual meaning; outlines ten essential traits across social institutions that produce better outcomes for children, and proposes three major social goals, with 18 recommendations for public policy     Storage - 1
Heart of Change, The: Real Stories of How People Change Their Organizations Kotter, John P. & Cohen, Dan S. Change Theory   Addressing the affective side of behaviorial change 2002 185 Storage
Holy Listening: the Art of Spiritual Direction Guenther, Margaret Faith Development   A guide to spiritual direction, including a chapter on Women and Spiritual Direction 1992 146 Storage
How to Assess Your Nonprofit Organization: with Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions Rossum, Constance Assessment   Peter Drucker, the "tahter of modern management," on planning for nonprofits 1993 34 Storage
How to Preach a Sermon: a Guide for the Amateur Slaughter, Robert Worship   Described as both readable and entertaining, subjects cover both writing and delivering a sermon 1997 73 Storage
How to Prevent Lay Leader Burnout Oswald, Roy Volunteer Development   Findings from 1982 study, root causes, case study, care and feeding of lay leadership 1984 45 Storage
How We Belong, Fight, and Pray Edwards, Lloyd Congregational Dynamics MBTI Jungian typology in congregational life 1993 61 Cilla
Hunted Heretic: the Life and Death of Michael Servetus 1511-1553 Bainton, Roland H. UU History   A classic biography of Servetus 1953; revised  2005 167 Storage
Ideas for Growth   DVD         Storage - 2
If Yes Is the Answer Beach, George Kimmich Theology   Why religion is important today 1995 172 Storage
In Memoriam: a Guide to Modern Funeral and Memorial Services Searl, Edward Death and Dying Ritual/Worship Includes several sample services: (1) Joy and Woe Are Woven Together; (2) Memory and Affirmation; (3) The counsel of Nature; (4) Blessings and Affirmations; (5) A Meditation of Candles; (6) A Bouquet of Flowers; (7) Golden Silence; (8) Circles Within Circles; (9) A Quilt of Memories and Love; (10) Under the Roundig Sky-- a graveside service; (11) A Family Scattering of Ashes 1993 120 Storage
In-Between Church, The Mann, Alice Size Theory   Outlines the four size categories; Includes the "Choice Points for Clergy" exercise 1998 97 Storage
Indispensable Guide for Smaller Churches Ray, David R. Small Congregations     2003   Cilla - 1 Jeanelyse - 1
Interdependence: Renewing Congregational Polity UUA Commission on Appraisal Polity History Reports on the difference between our current practices and our historical legacy, and calls for a new vision of our interdependence 1997 173 Cilla
Interventionist, The Schaller, Lyle E. Consulting to churches     1997 199 Jeanelyse
Into the Wilderness Campbell, Sara Moores Meditation Manuals   Several on Christian themes 1990 49 Storage
Journey Toward Wholeness, the Next Step: From Racial and Cultrual Diversity to Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racist Multiculturalism Farber-Robertson, Rev. Dr. Anita, and Spencer, Dr. Leon AR/AO/M   Report and Recommendations to the 1996 General Assembly 1992 65 Storage
Leading Change in the Congregation: Spiritual and Organizatinal Tools for Leaders Rendle, Gilbert R. Change Theory   Includes some basics of systems theory, and the emotional cycle of change 1998 175 Storage
Leading Ciongregations into a Multiracial, Multicultural Future-Now is the Time   DVD   UUA National Conference, San José, 2008 2008   Storage - 1
Leading Congregations in Worship UUA Commission on Common Worship Worship   All the basics, from languate to aesthetics, music, children, the elements of worship, sample orders of service, and lots more 1983 66 Storage
Learning to Be White: Money, Race, and God in America Thandeka Multiculturalism   Written by a UU Minister, the book explores what it means, and what it costs, to be white in America today 1999 134 Stoage
Living Liberal Religion: 125 Years in the Life of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego Boone, Elbert J. History     1998 272 Storage
Looking in the Mirror: Self-Appraisal in the Local Church Schaller, Lyle E. Church Size Theory Assessment Cat-Collie-Gardener model 1984   Storage - 1 Cilla - 1
Managing Church Conflict Halverstadt, Hugh F. Congregational Health Conflict Includes intervening, negotiating, and mediating strategies, and a flow chart for the entire process 1991 199 Storage
Middle Sized Church: Problems and Prescriptions, The Schaller, Lyle E. Church Size Theorgy   Focuses on the church of 100-200 members 1985 157 Storage
Minisry in the Borderlands- UU University, Fort Lauderdale   DVD         Storage-1
Ministry in Daily Life: a Practical Guide  for Congregations Diehl, William E. Ministry   A how-to book for taking our personal ministries outside of the boundaries of the congregation 1989 105 Storage
Modern Pioneer, A: One Woman's Ministry Kochendoerfer, Violet Ministry   Autobiography of the first woman graduate of SKSM, in 1962 1996 250 Storage
Money and the Meaning of Life Needleman, Jacob Generosity Stewardship Our relationship with money 1991 317 Cilla
More than Meets the Eye: Ritual and Parish Liturgy Collins, Patrick W. Worship   Examines the relationship between liturgy and the aesthetic dimension; asserts that the power of ritual lies in an understanding of the nature of symbolic activity. 1983 150 Storage
More Than Numbers: the Ways Churches Grow Mead, Loren B. Growth   Reviews numeric, maturational, organic, and incarnational growth 1993 104 Storage -1 Cilla - 1
Mustard-Seed Churches: Ministries in Samll Churches Coote, Robert, B., Ed. Ministry Small Congregations A collection of essays written by and for the ministers of small congregations 1990 190 Storage
My Ending is My Beginning Rankin, David O. Death and Dying   An examination of grief from personal loss to a vision of the Apocalypse, including subjects of suicide, mourning, war, afterlife. 1985 138 Storage
New Oxford Annotated Bible: an Ecumenical Study Bible Unknown :-) Scripture         Cilla - 1
New Visions for the Long Patorate Oswald, Roy M., Hinand, Gail D., Hobgood, William Crhis, & Lloyd, Barton M. Ministry   Stories, research findings, interventions for long-term parish ministries 1983 108 Storage
O. Eugene Pickett: Borne on a Wintry Wind Owen-Towle, Tom History UU Theology Biography of UUA President 1979-85 1996 222 Storage
One Size Doesn't Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church McIntosh, Gary L. Size Theory Staffing makes a few dubious claims such as, "a church will never reach 300 members with only one pastor." 1999 171 Storage
One Thing You Need to Know: About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success Buckingham, Marcus Leadership   Written for the for-profit sector 2005 285 Storage
Ordinary Miracle, An Chethik, Neil History   History of the Starr King Church     Chuck
Our Chosen Faith: an Introduction to Unitarian Universalism Buehrens, John and Church, Forrest Unitarian Universalism   (same as "A Chosen Faith" 1989 195 Storage
Our Seven Principles in Story and Verse Collier, Kenneth W. UU Theology   Written by a UU minister, this is a collection of classic tales and his own poetry to illustrate each of the seven principles 1997 114 Storage
Polarity Management: Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems Johnson, Barry Conflict Leadership Insights and model for leadership problem solving 1992 260 Cilla
Premise and the Promise, The Ross, Warren R. History   The story of the Unitarian and Universalist merger 2001 202 Storage - 2
Race: the Power of Illusion - Episode One, The Difference Between Us   VHS tape AR/AO/M   2003 56 minutes Storage
Race: the Power of Illusion - Episode Three, The House We Live In   VHS tape AR/AO/M   2003 56 minutes Storage
Race: the Power of Illusion - Episode Two, The Story We Tell   VHS tape AR/AO/M   2003 56 minutes Storage
Raising the Roof: the Pastoral-to-Program Size Transition Mann, Alice Size Theory   Steps to guide the transition, with analytical charts 2001 169 Storage
Relational Pulpit, The: Closing the Gap Between Preacher and Pew Alexander, Scott W. Ministry Worship A guide to public speaking, focusing on how to connect to those in the pews 1993 122 Storage
Report on the Faith Communities Today Survey for Unitarian Universalist Congregatins UUA Extension Education & Research Office Growth Assessment Reports on the results of an undated FACT survey, probably 2000     Storage
Resolving Identity-Based Conflict: in Nations, Organization, and Communities Rothman, Jay AR/AO/M Conflict Approaches to addressing identity-based differences to get creative outcomes 1997 168 Storage
Robert's Rules of Order, Revised: the Classic 1915 Edition Robert, General Henry M. Governance   The classic guide to Parliamentary Procedure 1971 324 Storage
Roots of Our Strength: a Heritage of Unitarian and Universalist Women Gitlin-Emmer, Susan Women & Religion UU History Short biographies of historical Unitarian and Universalist Women 1980 101 Storage
Seasons of the Self Coots, Max Meditation Manuals   Short essays with seasonal themes 1994 61 Storage
Seven-Day-a-Week Church Schaller, Lyle E. Growth   Characteristics of Megachurches 1992 168 Storage
Sharks in the Baptistry DeWolf-Hunt, John Minstry AR/AO/M Written by a former UU District Executive who was once a Southern Baptist minister, this is his story of working in the Deep South during the Civil Rights era 1996   Storage
Singing for the Green: Songs for Fun and Money UUA APF Continental Committee Stewardship   Lighthearted songs for the Canvass Kickoff and other fundraising events   32 Storage
Stengthening Lay & Professional Leadership   DVD         Storage - 17
Strategies for Change Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Health Growth Change 1993 124 Storage
Surprising Insights fro the Unchurched, and proven ways to reach them Rainer, Thom S. Membership Growth Based on research studying those who recently began attending church 2001 273 Cilla
Temporary Shepherds: a Congregational Handbook for Interim Ministry Nicholson, Roger S. Ed. Ministry   Excellent collection of essays on the need for and nature of interim ministry 1998 192 Storage - 2
Title Author/Editor Subject   Notes Date Pages Location
Tool Kit for Trainers: 59 Great Techniques for Trainers and Group Workers Pickles, Tim Training   Training models, gamers, icebreakers, exercises 1996 206 Jeanelyse
Transforming Church Boards: Into Communities of Spiritual Leaders Olsen, Charles M. Governace   Presents a model of governance that attends to the spiritual growth of the congregation 1995 185 Cilla
Transforming Regional Bodies for Mission       Appears to be a BCM workbook 2002   Cilla
Transforming Words: Six Essays on Preaching Schulz, William, Ed. Ministry Worship Essays by Roy Phillips, William Schulz, David Rankin Joyce Smith, Judith Hoehler, and Joan Kahn-Schneider 1984 111 Storage-2
Unitarian Universalism in Times Square   CD   Photos of 2007 Campaign     Storage - 1
Unitarian Universalism Selected Essays 1995 Wintle, Thomas D., ED. Unitarian Universalism   Essay selections include "Beyond Spirituality- the Berry Street Essay 1994," "Response to the Berry Street Essay," "Putting the Children into our Very Midst!" "Living with Theological Diversity," "Donald's Duck: the Preacher as Wise Fool," "Learnings fro Our Ministry's History," "A People Most Haunted by God: why Religion in the South Is the Way It Is," and "Community Ministry and the Tru Church of Democracy." 1995 89 Storage
Unitarian Universalism Selected Essays 1996 Gilmore, John, ED. Unitarian Universalism   Essay selections include: "Persistent as the Ligh Myriad of Stars," "God and the Interdependent Web," "Rational Mysticism in UU Religion," "How Do We Reconcile the Existence of Evil with the First Principle?" "Cousins Twice Removed:  Unitarians and Universalists in the South," "Knowing and Experiencing Our Faaith as Unitarian Universalists," "Tomorrow's Children and Today's Heritage." 1996 94 Storage
Unitarian Universalism Selected Essays 1997 Gilmore, John, ED. Unitarian Universalism   Essay selections include: "Berry Street Lecture 1996: Confessions of a Militant Mystic: Spirituality and Social Action," "Eternal Echoes: Response to Berry Street Lecture," "Fahs Lecture: Doing Least Harm: A New Appraoch to Sexual Ethics," "UUUist Diversity and New Transcendentalism," "The Enduring Cener o Unitarian Universalism," "Evil: The Structural and Personal in Human Nature," "Reapprpriatig he Living Tradition," and "And Death Is No Parenthesis." 1997 128 Storage
Unitarian Universalism Selected Essays, 2003 Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Association Unitarian Universalism   Berry Street Essay, 2002, by Rev. Dr. Roberta Nelson; Berry Street Essay, 2003 by Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman; Universalism and UU Renewal, by Rev. Richard Trudeau; What Future for Civil Religion, by Rev. Marjorie Learning; Emerson and the Perennial Philosophy, by Robert Richardson; Eatting as an Agricultural Act, by Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher; Job: Our Contemporary Interpretation in Modern Literature, Art, and Politics, by Rev. Roger Bertschausen 2003 125 Storage
Unitarian Universalism: a Narrative History Bumbaugh, David E. UU History   European and American history of the UU, Unitarian, and Universalist movements 2000 210 Storage - 2
Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide, The Scholefield, Harry Ed. Unitarian Universalism   A collection of short essays on the beliefs, practices, history, and organization 1981 72 Storage - 2
Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice Kivel, Paul AR/AO/M   Written to help white people act on their values and work to end racism 1996 229 Storage - 2
Voice to Voice, Heart to Heart: the Story of an Interim Ministry Voss, Sarah Ministry   Presents the story of an interim UU ministry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, largely based on her newsletter columns. 1996 162 Storage
Voices of a Liberal Faith   DVD         Storage-17
Wasting America's Future Children's Defense Fund Social Issues   A report on the costs of child poverty 1994 147 Storage
What People Expect from Church: Why Meeting the Needs of People is More Important than Church Meetings Randall, Robert L. Congregational Health Growth Examines people's four basic needs: to be understood, to understand, to belongs, to hopel 1992 106 Storage
When Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes: and How to Ensure They Won't Happen to Yours Goodman, Andy Leadership   Includes excellent tips for PowerPoint presentations 2006 89 Storage
Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious Taylor, Jeremy Dream work; proof copy   Topics include the evolution of conscious, lucid dreaming, recurrent dreams, working with dream groups 1992 283 Storage
Whole Truth, The: About Everything related to the church in twelve pages (if you don't coutn the introduction and the conclusion) Mead, Loren B. Leadership   Common sense wisdom for congregational leadership, from a senior consultant of the Alban Institute 1988 25 Storage
Wilderness Journey   DVD         Storage - 2
With Purpose and Principle: Essays About the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism Frost, Edward A., Ed. History   A "roots to fruits" account of the Seven Principles 1998 108 Storage
Writing Re-Creatively: a Spiritual Quest for Women Ranadive, Gail Women's Issues     1992 93 Storage
Your Next Pastorate: Starting the Search Bolles, Richard; Ayers, Russell; Miller, Arthur; and Mean, Loren Ministers Career Guidance A guide written for ministers on what to expect from the Search process 1990 82 Storage