Bob Meyerson

Worship Leader

Member and former Chair, Worship Committee

Starr King UU Church

Hayward, CA
[email protected]
Elrod Drive
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Travel Distance: up to 100 miles


Sample Sermons:

(All done at Starr King Church, but some at other churches including: Sacramento Community; Livermore; Santa Cruz; Sunnyvale; Los Gatos; Goleta (Southern California)

"The Faith that can Save the World"
"Is Religion just about Death?"
"Common Language or
Tower of Babel"
"Take it with a Grain of Salt" (Fathers Day/Intergenerational)
Bob Meyerson is a retired insurance executive.  His introduction to Universalism goes back to his days in the US Navy, but he did not become a member of a UU church until 2001.  He is married and enjoying retirement.  In addition to writing sermons, Bob is a folk banjo player and (more or less!) singer.  His sermons have been well received, and often interspersed with appropriate song.

My theology is simple: “If it divides rather than unites, it isn't true theology at all."

"I won't promise you eternal life, nor will I promise you eternal damnation."