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How to Change Your US Mail Address

You should change your mail address whenever you are changing your home. You should then inform the utility agencies and your banks once this change has been made . Furthermore, you should visit a printer who can assist you in printing the business card and letterheads to reflect the new address. Change of mail address is one of the essential services by post offices in the US. You can then distribute some of these copies to your business contacts, bankers, friends and relatives. You an refer to this site to learn more about US mail change of address. This write-up is going to share the necessary steps that you need to follow when changing your mail address at the post office.

Hiring a Professional Agent


Some people have busy schedules, and they don’t have ample time for visiting the post office. Such guys can immensely benefit from the services of professional agencies. These firms have experienced people who can help you in doing all these jobs. They will also make sure that your passport is updated to reflect the new mail address. You should also hand the agency with your original documents also with the copies of ownership deep. Individuals who fail to submit the delivered documents are likely to miss their mails. The hired agency will make sure that all the documents are in order.

Viable Options for Changing Your US Mail Address

Going to the Local Post Office

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You should request for the Movers Guide packet at the local post office. This packet comes with a PS Form 3575. You should fill this form and then drop it into the mail slot located inside the PO. You can also give your form to the postal workers behind the counter. A confirmation message is sent to the user within five business days.

Changing the Address Online

This is done by visiting It is considered to be the easiest and safest way of executing this task. A notification email is sent immediately for the user to confirm the change made. You will be charged a fee of 1USD for using this method. Users who want to change their address online are required to have their valid email address, debit and credit cards. An additional fee of 1 USD is charged for verifying one’s identity. This step is very important because it is meant to confirm that the change was effected by the user, thereby preventing fraud. You should be very careful not to be lured by scammers, some of whom charge up to $ 40 USD for making this change.