Gardening tools

Tools That are Needed to Clean Your Home Garden to Perfection

Who won’t delight in a nice clean home garden? But getting one to the perfect clean shape is more than just waking up, taking the available tools and getting to work. Using proper tools that provide the chance of doing the right job and working in the right areas is a different thing altogether. The reason being that particular tools have their specific jobs in the garden. Let us look at the different tools that will enhance your cleaning and give you that perfect look in your garden.

Leaf sweeper

GardeningAlso called the lawn sweeper. Fallen leaves, twigs, litter and pine needles that have fallen on your garden can easily be removed by a lawn sweeper. It is powered by hand. Once pushed, it generates power which makes its brushes to rotate and collect the litter into a bag mounted on the machine.


Blowers are gasoline powered and blow air that expels leaves and grass from the areas that you want clean. They come in varying sizes. Some can be carried by a backpack while some are big enough to rest on wheels. Some units are fitted with a blower vacuum. They can suck in small leaves and grass which they shred and keep in this vacuum bag. For more information, check the Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews! Most Powerful Ones Compared!

The Rake and ladies fork

Rakes are a common tool but agreeably a jack of many trades. They are very handy in gardening. With a rake, you can collect leaves, twigs, and grass. But in enhancing the look of your garden, they help loosen the soil while you are making the garden, light weeding leveling. You can find rakes in their different makes, metal, plastic or bamboo.

This is a smaller version of the garden fork. It has thinner close spaced tines, shorter handle, and light enough to work with. It helps to weed your garden free of weeds without interfering with the roots of your garden plants. It also serves to dig out small stones that interfere with the home garden.

Loppers, hand pruners and electric pruners

One aspect of a clean garden is pruned plants. It adds on the spatial view in plant arrangements. Hand pruners or pruning shears is a handheld tool that is used to cut away those leaves and branches that are not required on the plant, thus, giving a neat look. Loppers are a long handed version of pruners which can cut greater and thicker branches. Electric pruners are best for overgrown areas on your garden plants, they help prune a wide area and do a cleaner faster job.

The mower

Let the grass grow but keep it trimmed and clean. Mowers will serve to do that job for you. They keep the grass on your lawn and close to your plants, even ported ones, short and fitting the image of the garden.

Leaf grabbers and waste bins

This goes hand in hand. Leaf grabbers help you collect leaves that have been put together after cleaning and putting them straight into the bin. This ensures the last of your job is done.

Cleaning that garden surely brings some good beauty to your home but with it the use of necessary tools for the work.