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Maintaining Metal Roofing to Be in Tip-top Condition

Metal roofing is said to be the ‘forever’ roof. Its estimated life expectancy surpasses 20 years. And with proper maintenance, it can be extended up to 70 years. Here, we are learning how to do so.

The quality to expect from metal roofing

Asphalt roofsFirst, before we jump to the maintenance tips, we must know the benefits we can expect from metal roofing. What we seek from an inspection is whether the roof can still provide protection as it is supposed to be.

Water sealant

A metal roof is the perfect water sealant during heavy rain and mild storm. But metal roofing is done in panels. And each panel is assembled with another using a fastener mechanism.


The metal roof is also fire-resistant. But if the roof has holes, it will lose its fireproof quality. Fire sparks can enter the ceiling and burn the structure inside.

DIY inspection

RooferA roof inspection is vital to prevent small damages from becoming more serious. In a normal condition, you need to do the control only during the rainy and windy season. Tree branches and leaves can get carried away by wind and block the pipes in your roof gutter. If it is left unchecked, a clogged gutter can leak water to the ceiling and the walls.

To clean the gutters, you just need a ladder, a scooper, and a big plastic bag. You can create your own scooper for the gutter by bending a wire into a hook shape. It has a long reach, so you do not need to move the ladder many times. If bending a wire sounds too much for you, you can use a garden hand shovel.

There is one special condition where even metal roof needs frequent inspection, which is when you live in an area with extreme temperature swing. Oklahoma, South Dakota, and West Texas are the examples. There, metal roof fastener mechanism will have a lifespan shorter than the other areas where the temperature is stable. Metal contracts and expands as the temperature decreases and increases. And fast temperature swing will wear out the mechanism quickly.

ceilingTo test out whether your metal roof leaks, you can use a garden hose to water down your roof and see if there is a leak coming into your house. But most of the time, leaks in the metal roof are subtle. You would be better to hire the experts, such as the professional roofing in Greenville SC. Their inspection method uses engineer-grade tools, and they can measure the damage accurately.

When do you need a roofer?

Professional Roofer 1Metal roof repairment will often require you to hire a roofing company. Metal roofing is installed in large panels. And small damage affects the entire panel entirely. There are metal sealants available, but they will be most likely to falter in a short period, especially when the weather is harsh. Most metal sealant only offers a short-term solution.

Also, the drawback metal roofing is its poor resistance against hails. A metal roof can dent, and when it is combined with temperature swing, the dent will become a hole. You can inspect the damage yourself, but you must leave the repairment only to the roofer.