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Top Tips for a Better Concrete Garage Floor Slab

If you are thinking about installing a garage floor or ready to have one, you may be having several questions than answers. You can call a reliable contractor and benefit from his or her expertise. Also, you can call multiple contractors so that you can get their ideas about what you want and the estimates for how much it will cost. The following are tips to follow.

Do Your Research

stained concrete garage floorIt is a good idea to carry out extensive research. It makes sense to understand a lot about the home remodeling project. Even if you are going to do it yourself or hire someone to do it, you need to research. When looking for professional contractors, you should ask relevant questions and know when the answers you get are fake. The truth is that lousy concrete slabs are quite common. You can find slabs that develop cracks. These can be a huge headache and some contractors will always say concrete is prone to cracking.

Floor Level

It is quite difficult for the old habits to die. For instance, building codes stipulate that the floor of a garage attached to the house be 4 inches lower as compared to the house floor. The reasoning behind this was that it should prevent spilled gasoline, carbon monoxide, and gasoline vapors. However, the current building codes do not have this requirement. This is because modern cars are less likely to leak.

Ground Preparation

concrete slabs garage floorThe main threat to a concrete garage floor does not come from what it is made of or parked on top, but what is likely to move below. Thus, if the base or soil beneath the slab is likely to settle or shift, then you are likely to have a cracked slab. Therefore, you should start by removing the topsoil. You should then add gravel or stone. Also, it should be compacted.

Vapor Barrier

Usually, vapor barriers are needed. However, it is not a must to have one, but you should insist on having it. If water is moving up through the concrete, damaging items on the slab or condensing the surface, then you are going to pay high insurance fees.


Thick reinforcement or wire mesh bars are used in concrete slabs. However, if you can have the right ground preparation, sufficient expansion joints, and proper concrete mix, this is not necessary.