Top Types of Access Panels

An access panel or door is available in a wide range of types. This is necessary as they serve different purposes. This versatile piece of architecture is quite useful in providing an access area to the enclosed spaces in the floor, ceiling, or behind the wall. The majorities of panels are quite small and provide adequate space to reach the plumbing or electrical appliances that are concealed behind.

Usually, access panels are built to be flush to the wall or ceiling. This is recommended for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Moreover, the overall durability and strength of the openings vary with the general-purpose units to those used for structural integrity or fire safety. The following are the different types of access panels.

General Purpose

access openingThese access panels are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. They are usually installed in walls or ceilings. To have an attractive finish, they can have the recess to frames with the concealed hinges and flush latches to avoid interrupting the existing surface finish. The good thing about this type of access panel is that it is easy to install. It is commonly used in areas where it is not necessary to conceal. Most panels in this particular category come with features such as temperature control, draft resistant design, and code locking.

Drywall Access Panels

Most residential and commercial buildings have walls with drywall. This is an area that is filled with wood framing or steel. When you want to complete electrical or plumbing repairs, it is vital to cut the area of the drywall to get to areas that require repair. However, with a drywall access panel, it becomes easy to carry out the repairs without causing any damage to the drywall.

Usually, the access panels are designed to fit flush to the wall surface. Moreover, they can be painted to match existing d├ęcor. In this way, they blend with the rest of the wall or ceiling. You can even install a safety system that prevents strangers or children from opening such areas.

Plaster Bead

ceiling access panelIf the walls or ceilings are made of plaster, the best option is to use plaster bead access panels that can cause interference with structural integrity or plaster surface. You should note that the plaster is less resilient as compared a hard-wearing drywall. Thus, it is advisable to use a different insulation method. You can achieve this by using a strong frame.